Month: July 2017

5 Ways To Bring Thousands Of Visitors To Your Blog

It’s easy to build a blog, but what’s not easy is to build a successful blog for thousands of targeted visitors.

Over the years, having enlarged our blog in Digital Business, we have received almost 10,000 visitors a month, and after we’ve been able to help other blogs – like our blog – you can say there’s a special art to increase visitors to your everlesson blog. We’ve stumbled a lot and faced a lot in the past, helped many, so we’ve seen it become mandatory to share what we’ve noticed and discovered with information and techniques to increase visitors to your blog in record time, as others have helped us before.

Important Note Before We Begin: This article is intended for all bloggers in the Arab world in different directions. It’s for those who are looking for huge popularity in a short time, for those who want to run their work through a professional blog from home, for those who start a small start and aspire to become a huge company. There may be some ways in this post that are not suitable for everyone, but at least there are some useful ways to apply that lead to the same result, which is to increase visitors significantly.



1. Target an audience that is likely to share content with others

Some readers may not automatically want to publish what you write, but by using effective titles, some distinctive writing methods, and appropriate content. , Readers can also be paid – automatically also – to share with others .. But like what?

Such as graphic graphics (often on a single page) that touch a chord or information you care about, or a video that tells you a funny story, or a collection of important notes and facts that challenge popular concepts. Materials such as these push people to push the participation button.

On the other hand, targeting content that attracts an audience that does not have the ability to press the Share button is not a bad decision (especially if you have the desire and desire to write this content, and have a potential audience) but it will reduce your blog’s chances of spreading like wildfire online.

2. Engage in communities where your audience already exists

Advertisers at Madison Avenue spent billions of dollars on research and experimentation and identified where customers gathered from different personalities and how they spend their time, and in this way learned how to formulate their marketing message to them. They did this because they knew that the sale of sports equipment to a group of older women over the age of 65 was insane and a major financial loss, while the sale of mountaineering tools to a group of young men between the ages of 18 and 30 – depending on their demographic characteristics – would be a good return on Their money.

Thankfully, you will not have to spend ten piasters to know where your share of online visitors is gathered. In fact, you may be aware of a few blogs, forums, personal sites, and social favorites that have discussions and content about the same topics you write about. (If you do not do this, Google will take you away in the search results). From this list, you can easily market your blog with a great tool like DoubleClick’s Ad Planner.

Once you determine where communities are gathering your audience – as we mentioned before – you can start sharing.

Create your account, read what others have written about it, do not go beyond conversation until you feel aware of what is right for you and what is not. I wrote a post here about marketing comments (for those who want to link back to their site) and committed to everyone, so be a good Internet citizen and you will reward that visitors with confidence as well as your fans. If you go to the system of dropping a link to your blog alone, spam or blogging programs and automatic comments, you will be expelled quickly, you will lose your reputation as a blogger, and you will not find anyone wanting to share a notorious blogger in anything.

3. Make your site content a friend of search engines

Search engines are a huge source of visitors, and so far many bloggers ignore this source for various reasons, often associated with fear and misunderstanding rather than real problems. I wrote an article entitled “Essentials of SEO: Creating Websites and Blogging for Search Engines.” In 2011, daily searches on Google’s search engine reached more than 3 billion searches per day, and recent statistics show that this number is increasing.

Taking advantage of this great feature of this huge volume of visitors is a great value for all bloggers worldwide (including the Arab world) who find that most of their blogging has a commercial aspect, from advertisers’ requests that come to bloggers, hosting opportunities and fame through the mainstream media, These features come as a result of search results in Google.

Creating a Blog for Search Engine SEO is very easy, especially if you use search engine friendly platforms like WordPress, Drupal Drupal or Joomla Joomla.

Do not let bad news, bad experience with spam makers weaken your resolve and deprive you of the amazing capabilities of the SiO. SEO will enable you to provide visitors to your site and therefore its success. Know that 20% of your efforts, along with the correct methods and tricks, will return you to about 80% of potential visitors from the search engines. All you have to do is seize this opportunity and you will find that thousands of visitors They are looking for you precisely, and this is your actual reward, so help them reach you.

4. Use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to share your posts and find new sales opportunities

Twitter subscribers reached 465 million, Facebook subscribers reached 850 million, Google Plus reached almost 100 million subscribers, LinkedIn subscribers more than 130 million subscribers.

Together, these networks attract huge amounts of time and interest for Internet users worldwide, including the Arab world. Subscribers to these networks are the kind of “content distributors” – that’s the term – that we mentioned earlier, in other words they are most likely to assist you in publishing and marketing your blog on the Internet.

To take advantage of these networks in attracting visitors, you must be patient, well studied, and aware of any change to any social site that is related to the content of your site, and consider what content you will publish, share, and how.

My advice is to use the following steps to do this: –

If you have not already subscribed to these sites, make a personal subscription now and subscribe. All of these sites (Twitter – Facebook – Google Plus – LinkedIn) offer you business services for you as soon as you start your personal subscription and take you directly to the commercial registration pages .

Fill in these files with as much detail as possible, add images, write compelling content in its appeal, make each account as logical and reliable as possible. Then do a search that shows the files that contain highly related information to be displayed, and be successful of course (and there is a lot of sense here as well, especially that the annoying files and spam can be easily identified, they do not give a lot of details).

Communicate on these sites with the people you already have a personal or professional relationship with, and then start following the bright, influential people, as well as the communicators (those who reach the horizons, and therefore connect you to others). Services like FollowWonk and FindPeoplePlus will have a terrible effect for such a task.

When you cry on your personal blog, you will have the opportunity to spread a virus to these tears, allowing those you do not know and have never seen before by wiping out these tears. This is called viral spread. .

And now you are in the confusion .. Interaction with this community, use the scattered tags (of all topics) and continue to search for topics on the topics and interesting conversations, and then throw yourself in the past. Social networks are an amazing environment to build reputation and familiarity with others through a special theme that concerns you and your activity, and your way to win the trust of others through high quality and effective participation trusted, and then finally press the magic button .. share.

If you are constantly engaging in the strategy of sharing, share great things and make unforgettable impressions of those who follow your interaction on these sites, you will find that your followers and admirers will grow, and you will be able to direct this huge number of visitors wherever you want. To your blog simply to see and interact with your content.

Social networks are a huge source of visitors for many bloggers, especially in the first months after the blog is launched, when the cyo is less consistent and more effective at attracting visitors at the start of construction.
5. Create an Analytics account and observe the results carefully

At the very least, most bloggers recommend enabling Google Analytics Analytics for visitor analytics – which is free by the way – to monitor where your visits are coming from, what good visitors are, and what others may say about you and your blog’s content when they post.

There are a lot of great features you can see from where your blog’s visits come from, and you get and analyze them where profitable traffic comes from, so you can analyze it and maximize your success. Through this tool you can study different sources of visitors and increase your effort, and discover inefficient sources to make less effort.

Employing Google services is very important to know where your success comes from, where you come from a lot of opportunities, do not ignore it or else your effort is doomed to fail, it is not right not to learn from mistakes or failure to implement after you know the sources that bring you success.

The First Week Of Healthy Dieting For Weight Loss

Dieting varies from person to person because of the difference in burn rate, depending on the weight, height and daily movement of each individual.

Fast and healthy diet

Healthy nutritionists have prepared this healthy diet, a model of the quality of food and meals to be taken for weight loss with examples of the amount of starch adequate for men and women. Lean Belly Breakthrough Dieting helps lose about one kilogram a week.

Breakfast: Choose one type of possibility

 1/2 medium loaf (for women) \ 3/4 medium loaf (for men) of whole wheat bread or brown + white cheese \ non-fat white cheese + small oil spoon
 Cup (for women) \ cup and a half (for men) of beans + small oil spoon + vegetables
Method of preparing chickpeas chick with milk: 4/3 cup of chickpeas for women \ cup and quarter of men + 4 \ 1 cup toast + cup milk without fat
1 small boiled potato (for women), 2 potatoes (for men) + 2 boiled eggs + 1 small oil spoon
 Egg Omelet No. 2 for women \ 3 eggs for men + 4 \ 1 loaf of bread
1 cup of skimmed milk + 1 cup of oatmeal (for women) + 1 cup (for men) (oatmeal method with milk)
Fat-rich foods such as croissants, muffins and desserts such as donuts and cauliflower should be avoided.


A type of fruit, so the size of the quota is the size of a hand grip.
Dried fruits such as apricots, dates, raisins and dried figs can be eaten.

the lunch:

It is recommended to diversify, and the week should include cereals, pulses and meat of all kinds.
It is recommended to avoid frying and replace it with roasting or boiling.
Reducing the percentage of fat used in cooking is recommended.
It is recommended to eat half the amount of food you are accustomed to eating daily.
It is recommended to use small dishes, which helps to eat less.
Salad bowl + fish or chicken breast or piece of meat or tuna as far as the palm of the hand + medium size potato or one poured spoon of rice or 80 grams of bread or spoon and half of the pasta + boiled vegetables or cooked.

Healthy descriptions for lunch:

Salmon with thyme and sour

Mexican Shrimp


Choose one of the three probability

2/1 cup of unsaturated yogurt + a kind of fruit
Milk Chic 1/2 cup milk without cream + banana 1 small size + cocoa free of sugar
A cup of fruit salad
the dinner:

Prefer to have a light dinner:

1/2 medium loaf (for women) \ 3/4 medium loaf (for men) of bread Whole wheat or brown + brick \ white cheese without cream + small oil spoon
1 cup of unsaturated milk + 1 cup of oatmeal (for women) + 1 cup (for men)

3 cups of popcorn method of preparing healthy popcorn

Take about 8 glasses of water a day, this helps:

Curb appetite
Feeling full
Lose weight

Lean Belly Breakthrough

Lean Belly Breakthrough

Healthy diet from several meals

The Flat Belly Overnight System is prepared by nutritionists in a healthy manner and determines the quality of food and meal times for healthy and effective diet. When starting to get a nap, make sure to take three basic meals. Deleting any meal from meals will delay weight loss. Snacks or snacks prevent hunger. Two to three snacks a day can be taken.


A healthy breakfast model helps to lose weight in: Oatmeal with milk This breakfast is easy to prepare and eat at home, take less than 5 minutes to prepare. It is necessary to take breakfast before 11 am.

First snack

After two hours of breakfast: fresh fruit such as banana, apple, orange, fruity, or dried, such as 3 passing grains, figs, peaches, two tablespoons of raisins.

the lunch

Dish of vegetable salad sour sauce and olive oil and put a little of it. Vegetable salad or Fattoush or salad watercress
Then the main course is grilled hamour or grilled shrimp, salmon or chicken, tuna, tawook. Lunch time between 1 pm and 5 pm

Snack again

After lunch two hours: a piece of fresh or dried fruit such as 3 grains pass, fig, peach, two tablespoons of raisins.


Dish salad vegetables may be very simple means tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olive oil, salt, lemon.
Two to three pieces of whole wheat bread
Medium tuna box, 3 pieces low-fat white cheese, 2 grilled shish tawooks, 2 boiled eggs, or a little olive oil.
Third snack

 After dinner two hours: a piece of fruit.

In addition to these types, drink three liters of water a day. Eat fish twice a week. Systems that rely on starving the body do not give a special result in the long run. So if you feel hungry, increase the share of fish, chicken or eggs. Following the ED Reverser system will help you lose weight without feeling hungry and healthy.

Moving the Forex market through trade and intervention techniques

Trade and intervention techniques can offer many advantages to Forex traders as they trade in The Bitcoin Code Forex market or so-called Forex. Traders view intervention as a way to predict the direction of the Forex market and determine whether some currencies may rise or fall depending on what is going on in a country.

Intervention in the Forex market is not unusual. When there are major problems or a great deal of debt in one country, the value of the country’s currency will fall sharply. Earlier, the US budget deficit caused the dollar to depreciate rapidly against the yen. This prompted Palin to rise rapidly, and when this happened, brokers and traders in the forex market predicted an imminent intervention to stop this deterioration in the value of the dollar. Intervention can raise or lower the value of the currency depending on what the government wants, even if in the short term.

Brokers and traders with experience in the Forex market can predict whether a close intervention will occur or not and then give them the opportunity to make good profits if they act at the right pace. The use of intervention techniques as a way to trade Forex necessarily requires the trader to keep a constant knowledge of current events from around the world and must act as dictated by these events very quickly. However, it can not be ruled out that a trader’s mistake in such cases leads to the loss of a large amount of capital in a short period of time.

It is important to understand the nature of the economic factors that come from all over the world so that we have the ability to understand how the Forex market and the reasons behind the movement of currencies. Forex mainly focuses on the value of the currency against other currencies. The value of the currency plays a pivotal role in both the domestic and global economy.

The Bitcoin Code

The Bitcoin Code

The method of intervention is also directly related to the value of the currency and the behavior of central banks. Currencies are determined by demand and supply factors and also by the government or the central bank, when the currency is subject to valuation according to the so-called float. While the government itself determines the rates of currency exchange, this is called The Bitcoin Code system of fixing the exchange rate. This means that the price of the country’s currency compared to other foreign currencies, especially the US dollar, will ensure that the government remains stable.

Intervention in the Forex market usually occurs in times of economic instability. Since currencies are usually traded in pairs, a large and strong one-way exchange rate will directly affect the value of the other currency. Any time a country suffers from instability due to inflation or predicting disasters or even increasing public debt, the other country will be affected by this too. The results of these conditions are usually not immediately felt, but this is done over a long period of time. This interval may allow governments or central banks to take certain measures and thus give them time to intervene if necessary. When looking at charts to see how the Forex market works, you can see the times of intervention on these charts. Intervention may not be announced to the public but experienced trader can look at the chart within a certain time period and knows exactly the timing chosen by the government to intervene in moving the currency rates.

Knowing the timing of an intervention in the future is not always easy, but rather difficult for a trader who has not received enough training. For those with good forex trading experience, predicting intervention timing can be very easy by looking at a number of key indicators. Government interventions may usually be at certain price levels that governments have intervened when the price reaches them. This, of course, is not the only reason for intervention by central banks, which may choose not to intervene at this particular time, and this method can be considered as one of the specific indicators among others. Another indicator that can be used as a parameter in predicting intervention is verbal signals. The government may speak of intervention continuously but without actually doing it for a long period of time. Other times, interventions may occur without warning.

Forex trading involves making decisions based on correct information in such a way that you can ultimately benefit from it. If you do not have enough experience in forex trading, you will have to look for a good broker backed by a well-known financial institution.