Month: October 2017

Stabilis Lucra Review Is Stabilis Lucra SCAM Or LEGIT?

What are the premium currencies?

Digital currency is a digital payment tool, protected from forgery, copying and modification. Each “unit” has Stabilis Lucra own currency number, and transactions in digital currencies are strictly confidential using a special key package. Transaction executed can not be canceled.

Data on conversions is often available openly. Thus, in Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, the data is in the form of a continuous series of process blocks, where in each subsequent process the data of the previous blocks are added, thus ensuring continuity of the string.

Digital currencies are created, calculated and traded without any internal or external management, and do not have a unified management and material embodiment. So the position of the digital currencies is very different, there is no consensus on the economic substance and legal status. Source: “What are the premium currencies?”

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first digital currency, which currently has the largest market value among the premium currencies. The label is made up of two English words “Bit” unit and the amount of information “Coin” coins. The word betquin is called the unit of currency itself and also on the net payment, in which transactions are carried out on the currency. All remittance information is open. Each block of conversions contains information about previous cluster data. They form a continuous chain, which is saved on millions of computers around the world. Making adjustments to the chain is impossible.

Bitcoin as a completely independent currency: not linked to any country, banking system, and no internal or external management. The new units are created, when the user’s computer is solving a very difficult mathematical equation, and at the same time the amount of currency that can be created automatically, is limited. Only 21 000 000 will be created for KFH, and then the creation of new units will stop. Source: “What is Bitcoin?”

Who is the inventor of the Betcoin?

The digital coin has appeared almost 10 years ago, but so far its creator is unknown. A person or a group of people, who created the Pitcuen, are hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008, the codifiers obtained a document from this person revealing the essence of the “blind” digital currency. After the launch of the project, Satoshi Nakamoto continued to work and then in 2011 stated that he was moving to work in another activity and disappeared from the developer community.

Knowing who is hiding under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto has tried hard for many times not only journalists, but also pedophiles. Researchers consider that a large part of the “first bitkines”, about 1 million owned by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Have you found the answers you are looking for? Source: “Who is the creator of the Betquin?”

Where does the Pitcuin derive its value?

In the traditional sense, Betquin is not supported, Stabilis Lucra is a purely mathematical model. The value of Bitcoin is derived exclusively from the request and market offer.

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Who issues the Bitcoin?

The process of creating a bitcoin is called mining, and people who dig the coin are metal.

Computers, which at any point in the world can solve complex mathematical equations, are provided by program algorithms. In exchange for solving these equations, the program “pays” for the creation of new homeowners.

The difficulty of operations, which are required to obtain the digital currency, is constantly increasing. At first, it was possible to extract the Betcquin on a home computer, but with the increasing difficulty of the mining equation, it became possible only by using special precious equipment.

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What distinguishes Bitcoin from other digital currencies?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular currency among digital currencies. The market value of Bitcoin is several times higher than other digital currencies. In the system there are the largest number of sellers and buyers and the number of transactions, which makes it high liquidity. In the development of Bitcoin, investors and businessmen invest more money than other currencies, making it a highly competitive payment system.

During the existence of the Betquin there was no serious failure in the system, so Betquin is considered one of the safest currencies today.

The digital coins that emerged after the Pitcairn called “Coin”. It works on the same algorithms as Betquin. Different in modifications in encryption algorithms or mining regulation: Create a new block not related to the computer’s ability but to the number of coins in the metal purse.

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Source: “What distinguishes Bitcoin from other digital currencies?”

What is the difference between ether and betcoin?

The ethers decided to make it not only a means of payment, but they offered to use it in legal transactions without the intervention of a third party “broker”. The ether code is more reliable than the Stabilis Lucra. Source: “What is the difference between ether and Bitcoin?”

How to trade Bitcoin?

Buying or selling Bitcoin can be done in several ways

Directly from other users. There are special forums, where users agree with each other about contracts. To minimize risk you can ask someone to be a guarantor or use a sure payment system. These contracts are fully encrypted, no need to register somewhere or pay any commissions.

Switch the Bitcoin on one of the other digital currencies in the virtual exchange.
Open an account in one of the digital currency exchanges and start trading the Betquin. There are only exchanges for digital currencies and bourses where transactions can be made in international currencies. Selling or buying a home can be 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.