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5 Ways To Bring Thousands Of Visitors To Your Blog

It’s easy to build a blog, but what’s not easy is to build a successful blog for thousands of targeted visitors.

Over the years, having enlarged our blog in Digital Business, we have received almost 10,000 visitors a month, and after we’ve been able to help other blogs – like our blog – you can say there’s a special art to increase visitors to your everlesson blog. We’ve stumbled a lot and faced a lot in the past, helped many, so we’ve seen it become mandatory to share what we’ve noticed and discovered with information and techniques to increase visitors to your blog in record time, as others have helped us before.

Important Note Before We Begin: This article is intended for all bloggers in the Arab world in different directions. It’s for those who are looking for huge popularity in a short time, for those who want to run their work through a professional blog from home, for those who start a small start and aspire to become a huge company. There may be some ways in this post that are not suitable for everyone, but at least there are some useful ways to apply that lead to the same result, which is to increase visitors significantly.



1. Target an audience that is likely to share content with others

Some readers may not automatically want to publish what you write, but by using effective titles, some distinctive writing methods, and appropriate content. , Readers can also be paid – automatically also – to share with others .. But like what?

Such as graphic graphics (often on a single page) that touch a chord or information you care about, or a video that tells you a funny story, or a collection of important notes and facts that challenge popular concepts. Materials such as these push people to push the participation button.

On the other hand, targeting content that attracts an audience that does not have the ability to press the Share button is not a bad decision (especially if you have the desire and desire to write this content, and have a potential audience) but it will reduce your blog’s chances of spreading like wildfire online.

2. Engage in communities where your audience already exists

Advertisers at Madison Avenue spent billions of dollars on research and experimentation and identified where customers gathered from different personalities and how they spend their time, and in this way learned how to formulate their marketing message to them. They did this because they knew that the sale of sports equipment to a group of older women over the age of 65 was insane and a major financial loss, while the sale of mountaineering tools to a group of young men between the ages of 18 and 30 – depending on their demographic characteristics – would be a good return on Their money.

Thankfully, you will not have to spend ten piasters to know where your share of online visitors is gathered. In fact, you may be aware of a few blogs, forums, personal sites, and social favorites that have discussions and content about the same topics you write about. (If you do not do this, Google will take you away in the search results). From this list, you can easily market your blog with a great tool like DoubleClick’s Ad Planner.

Once you determine where communities are gathering your audience – as we mentioned before – you can start sharing.

Create your account, read what others have written about it, do not go beyond conversation until you feel aware of what is right for you and what is not. I wrote a post here about marketing comments (for those who want to link back to their site) and committed to everyone, so be a good Internet citizen and you will reward that visitors with confidence as well as your fans. If you go to the system of dropping a link to your blog alone, spam or blogging programs and automatic comments, you will be expelled quickly, you will lose your reputation as a blogger, and you will not find anyone wanting to share a notorious blogger in anything.

3. Make your site content a friend of search engines

Search engines are a huge source of visitors, and so far many bloggers ignore this source for various reasons, often associated with fear and misunderstanding rather than real problems. I wrote an article entitled “Essentials of SEO: Creating Websites and Blogging for Search Engines.” In 2011, daily searches on Google’s search engine reached more than 3 billion searches per day, and recent statistics show that this number is increasing.

Taking advantage of this great feature of this huge volume of visitors is a great value for all bloggers worldwide (including the Arab world) who find that most of their blogging has a commercial aspect, from advertisers’ requests that come to bloggers, hosting opportunities and fame through the mainstream media, These features come as a result of search results in Google.

Creating a Blog for Search Engine SEO is very easy, especially if you use search engine friendly platforms like WordPress, Drupal Drupal or Joomla Joomla.

Do not let bad news, bad experience with spam makers weaken your resolve and deprive you of the amazing capabilities of the SiO. SEO will enable you to provide visitors to your site and therefore its success. Know that 20% of your efforts, along with the correct methods and tricks, will return you to about 80% of potential visitors from the search engines. All you have to do is seize this opportunity and you will find that thousands of visitors They are looking for you precisely, and this is your actual reward, so help them reach you.

4. Use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to share your posts and find new sales opportunities

Twitter subscribers reached 465 million, Facebook subscribers reached 850 million, Google Plus reached almost 100 million subscribers, LinkedIn subscribers more than 130 million subscribers.

Together, these networks attract huge amounts of time and interest for Internet users worldwide, including the Arab world. Subscribers to these networks are the kind of “content distributors” – that’s the term – that we mentioned earlier, in other words they are most likely to assist you in publishing and marketing your blog on the Internet.

To take advantage of these networks in attracting visitors, you must be patient, well studied, and aware of any change to any social site that is related to the content of your site, and consider what content you will publish, share, and how.

My advice is to use the following steps to do this: –

If you have not already subscribed to these sites, make a personal subscription now and subscribe. All of these sites (Twitter – Facebook – Google Plus – LinkedIn) offer you business services for you as soon as you start your personal subscription and take you directly to the commercial registration pages .

Fill in these files with as much detail as possible, add images, write compelling content in its appeal, make each account as logical and reliable as possible. Then do a search that shows the files that contain highly related information to be displayed, and be successful of course (and there is a lot of sense here as well, especially that the annoying files and spam can be easily identified, they do not give a lot of details).

Communicate on these sites with the people you already have a personal or professional relationship with, and then start following the bright, influential people, as well as the communicators (those who reach the horizons, and therefore connect you to others). Services like FollowWonk and FindPeoplePlus will have a terrible effect for such a task.

When you cry on your personal blog, you will have the opportunity to spread a virus to these tears, allowing those you do not know and have never seen before by wiping out these tears. This is called viral spread. .

And now you are in the confusion .. Interaction with this community, use the scattered tags (of all topics) and continue to search for topics on the topics and interesting conversations, and then throw yourself in the past. Social networks are an amazing environment to build reputation and familiarity with others through a special theme that concerns you and your activity, and your way to win the trust of others through high quality and effective participation trusted, and then finally press the magic button .. share.

If you are constantly engaging in the strategy of sharing, share great things and make unforgettable impressions of those who follow your interaction on these sites, you will find that your followers and admirers will grow, and you will be able to direct this huge number of visitors wherever you want. To your blog simply to see and interact with your content.

Social networks are a huge source of visitors for many bloggers, especially in the first months after the blog is launched, when the cyo is less consistent and more effective at attracting visitors at the start of construction.
5. Create an Analytics account and observe the results carefully

At the very least, most bloggers recommend enabling Google Analytics Analytics for visitor analytics – which is free by the way – to monitor where your visits are coming from, what good visitors are, and what others may say about you and your blog’s content when they post.

There are a lot of great features you can see from where your blog’s visits come from, and you get and analyze them where profitable traffic comes from, so you can analyze it and maximize your success. Through this tool you can study different sources of visitors and increase your effort, and discover inefficient sources to make less effort.

Employing Google services is very important to know where your success comes from, where you come from a lot of opportunities, do not ignore it or else your effort is doomed to fail, it is not right not to learn from mistakes or failure to implement after you know the sources that bring you success.

LearnBuildEarn Reviews Is Learn Build Earn SCAM Or NOT?

LearnBuildEarn Reviews Is Learn Build Earn SCAM Or NOT? Starting a new business may be difficult, but considering the reasons for the success and popularity of this project it becomes easy, and the reasons for the success of the projects marketing methods, which became many and many after the technological and advertising development, marketing may depend on paid TV advertising, which is a method And advertising in newspapers and newspapers, but advertising and e-marketing is an innovative and leading way, and one of the best ways of successful e-marketing is what we mention in this article, which may be of help to every young man on the threshold of a new project.

The best methods of e-marketing:

1. Good product / service: The good product always promotes itself without the need to invent new marketing methods. Al-Jadeed announces itself and proves its presence in the business and financial market. The distinguished service means which people need it. In any place, So choose a good creative product back bumper profit without effort to convince people.

2. Promotions: The ways to attract buyers to the product you are promoting are of great importance in marketing. A successful salesperson knows how to reach his words to convince the buyer of the product and its features. There are many ways of promoting and marketing online, such as conversion rate optimization , This method of making the site’s personal marketer announce successful deals and sales to convince the customer of its success and rigging, a method that is absolutely inexpensive unlike paid advertising.

3. E-mail Bulletins: Communicate with your customers and tell them about your latest achievements and projects. This is an innovative way to remind customers of the services and products of your project.

4. PR: Renting public relations companies, or hiring public relations professionals is an important step in the success and promotion of the project, and of course the electronic progress of this job by renting a professional online marketing service, which publishes the project’s marketing news and promotional articles in Yahoo News. Or Google, forums specialized in your project, and various social networking sites, and because of the spread of the Internet and its pioneers, the reaction of these ads is instantaneous and fast, which increases the chances of success of the project and sales.

5. Browse through the search engine: may need a lot of effort and time, but a good choice, and has a large number of visitors, which increases the ad scanner of the product, and choose the opening words of the blog or website of the marketer to find and reach the client in the first pages of the results of the engine Search, and to ensure the highest results also prefer the design of the site for visitors and not for search engines.

6. Advertising through the PPC search engine: Ad placement may be expensive, but is a necessary step for successful electronic marketing, as by advertising the site of the marketer appears in the results of the first search engines, but allow the development of advertising, and after an hour of participation in this advertising campaign appear ads For visitors and the marketing message of the product or service to visitors, and from here the marketer must pay for each visitor who presses on his ad, Google tools help Edwards to provide the best marketing results.

7. Providing tools, resources and free content: Attractive and attractive way to attract visitors and customers constantly, providing the site with files, photos and videos promoting the product, which works to communicate with customers and keep up to date with the latest achievements and offers of the marketer.

8. Social networks: Instantly communicate with the marketer and customers, and discuss them instantly. The new technologies of the social networking networks such as Twitter, Facebook and others have become a powerful means of presence in the business market, and a great advantage from Google to provide the Google Googl Alerts to respond to messages Customers as soon as they arrive, enabling them to communicate with them quickly and provide a stronger opportunity to promote the product.

9. Marketing the product by commission: a more cost-effective way of appointing sales representatives with a monthly wage, which increases the percentage of profit for the project and is due to satisfactory marketing results. This method is characterized by the strong incentive of the commissioner market and its determination to convince the largest number of customers to obtain a larger percentage of Return, and then convince the client then to promote the product to those around him and also get the commission specified, which increases and expands the advertising circle of the product.

10. Web statistics: Recent tools like Google Adwords Conversion Tracker and Web Analytics show how well your ad campaigns and stops work, which determines which ads are beneficial to your business, which is a waste of money and not a benefit, You can find out which of your ad sites are the most valuable visitors and customers.

Learn Build Earn

Best Ways You Need to Know Before You Sell on Amazon

Best Ways You Need to Know Before You Sell on Amazon The latest news about the sale of the leading e-commerce website in the Arab world The Infinity Code Review to the world’s first electronic commerce company ( worth up to 250 million dollars. Here I am not going to talk about this deal, and may be in this link a brief answer to the reasons for this acquisition (if of course) (Why acquire Amazon on the price rather than direct presence in the Arab arena?).

Everyone is going to the electronic traders market, and everyone is thinking of starting such a project, some for his own products and the other for products he buys and sells, and other goals and trends, but all of them are poured in their entirety on profitability.

There are different ways to delve into the sea of ​​electronic commerce, for example:

Create a site specialized in direct selling of products, and here begins the process of research and development and find the appropriate mechanisms for electronic payment, delivery and shipping, secure the site, and succession of inputs and tools of these markets and commercial sites for success and profit, not to mention the course of insurance products sold ….
The other way is to rely on a commercial platform to provide all these solutions, and we do not have to secure products and display within that platform (website), which is providing the tools for the presentation and marketing, selling and collection.
There are several types of vendors who benefit from these profitable sites or platforms:

Who has a limited number of products and little does not require investment in the establishment of an independent electronic market,
Who is the owner of products with a literal peculiarity, in the sense of being a local producer, or business owners and shops of medium or small size, and therefore can not or dare not to invest in an independent e-commerce site,
Who does not have sufficient knowledge of the tools and mechanisms of electronic commerce, and does not want to spend time in it,
The owners of many products, but want to focus on securing products rather than going into creating their own market,

Who has an existing e-commerce site, but at the same time wants to reach a larger segment of these large electronic markets, thus expanding the target segment and making sales available from more than different electronic points of sale other than the vendor’s own.

The Infinity Code

The Infinity Code Results

Mall There are a lot of public electronic markets, and these markets Amazan World, and eBay, as well as the market location in the Arab world, and all these sites collect certain ratios on any sales movement through its platform, while at the same time provide the seller great effort It has a special location and makes full focus on securing the products and shipping them to the customer at the time of purchase. At the same time, the customer is provided with safe and safe shopping and shopping. All suppliers and product owners have been assured of their credibility as well as their products. In case of atmosphere D Any dispute or dispute with Seller.

If such sites are the location of the big market or the so-called The Infinity Code Review or electronic central markets, and provide a profitable environment for all parties (seller and buyer as well as the service provider or the combined electronic market)

Here, this quick illustration ends somewhat, and anyone who does not care about trade and e-commerce through central markets can stop here. To keep talking, by downloading this booklet (Amazon Safe Sale), which contains valuable information that you need to know before starting to deal with Amazon as a vendor that displays its products, and explains how Arab sellers in the Arab world can benefit from this. The big electronic market called Amazon …

I do not know if this is your first online selling experience or not, but if this is the first experience, you should start selling at ebay.

Amazon is suitable for people who have a pre-sale experience and have many products they want to sell (large inventory). Amazon has more laws and taxes than ebay for this reason it is advisable to start selling through ebay as a start.

Personally, I wanted to open my own store in Amazon, but for the study circumstances I could not do that. But I had a store in Ebay, and I was selling some special tweets that I no longer needed. Also I was buying some of the craigslist electronics and selling them at ebay for a small profit. You can start looking for some of your own tools that you no longer need or tools that your owners do not need, then buy them for a small amount and sell them on ebay. Of course, profits are not many, but as a start it is appropriate to take some experience. But remember that there is a tax for all the goods you sell. The tax is different depending on the type of goods, whether clothes or electronic devices or others.

To answer your questions:

Regarding suppliers. Depends on the type of product you want to sell. If it is a brand known as Playstation or Xbox, the best deals with wholesalers located in America and Canada. If you have accessories, clothes, etc., you can find suppliers by Alibaba. And of course, Alibaba needs a different theme if there is no background you have about it.

Regarding shipping. If you would like to sell at ebay p the site will give you discounts on shipping as it has relationships with shipping companies most notably USPS. Of course, you print the package label and paste it to the top of the package and then take it to the nearest shipping office, or you can specify an order to receive the goods from your home without any extra commission. Regarding Amazon, the story is different. When you have a stock of goods, you ship it full to Amazon or what is known as fulfillment centers. Amazon stores it in its stores, and when someone orders its goods from the Amazon site, Amazon packs it and ships it to the customer without having to take your intervention. But of course Amazon takes the commission more because it does all the storage, packaging and shipping itself.

There is no better selling than others. There are many factors that interfere in determining whether the product will make a profit for it, offset by competition, shipping cost, demand, and margin profit. I used some sites to see the bestseller products during that month, the price displayed, and the profits. It is recommended to start with small products for low shipping cost and therefore increase your profit.

Of course dropshipping is easier compared to Amazon but its profits are very few. The dropshipping means you need to buy a large quantity and store it in your stores. But the problem has become a monument in the field of dropshipping. I advise you to stay away from dropshipping unless you know reliable companies in this area, and they are a few basic and difficult to find.

Just as a simple note, you do not need to be in America or Canada if you have a store in Amazon or ebay. The largest stores in Amazon and eBay are owned by people in Europe and Asia.

How To Start Internet Marketing From Home In 2017

There is E-Marketing many different titles that can be described through it in the world of marketing, such as marketing through the Internet and Digital Marketing.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategy

E-Marketing is a strategy that is used in the organization of modern communications technology ways and that by converting the virtual market into reality is a mail marketing is an important part of the overall marketing Strategy Modern, where it is considered an important type of marketing methods, which seeks to achieve its objectives over the Internet.

E-marketing is the best of modern means in the work of marketing campaigns for large and small companies, and because of the widespread use of the Internet in everyday life through computers and mobile devices, and because of increased demand for e-marketing there has been many companies that offer e-marketing services and other services associated with the service, such as web design and programming.

As it described as the process of applying the general principles of the Marketing Science through the use of electronic media and more privacy to use the Internet.

E-Marketing is that the company can use the Internet continuously in every step of the sales (pre-sale, during the sale, and after-sales), where the cares of e-marketing in business operations fully (eCRM) and through the search for new clients and service existing customers and old and this is one of the modern theories in marketing that rely on technology to meet customer needs and to achieve the organization’s goals and develop new markets and increase profits

The importance of e-marketing for the company to enable it to attract the largest possible number of clients and customers over the Internet as well as help them to advertising and promotion of their goods and services online

To succeed online marketing must follow the correct way:

You must choose Marketing Consultants Inc., or e-marketing company the best way to market your products because each product or service has caught on in a particular platform of e-marketing platforms and another does not, such as the Ultimate Profit Solution this service you need for marketing on the search engines and the work of a website and a mailing list, and another site needs marketing through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Anstjeram and other social networking sites and other location types needs together.

Identify and provide specific budget that will be spent in the various e-marketing campaigns and distributed properly commensurate with the needs of marketing the product and service on the Internet.

Must rely on E-Marketing Company have the makings of experience to make you number one in the field who will compete in it.

Must be considered competitors very well, through either a marketing consulting company or the study of the competitors on the Internet through e-marketing company and so they superiority.

The benefits of e-marketing:

There are many benefits of e-commerce solutions, which are:

Remove obstacles that were standing in front of the traditional marketing as the place and opened a global scale in front of you to sell your products anywhere you want.

The possibility of communicating with the customer within 24 hours a day through the website or social networking platforms.

The website is Interface Inc. Showroom you watch everyone on the Internet.

Save time and effort that is being exerted in the traditional marketing.

Access to a large base of customer data through mailing lists and messages that come on your pages.

The possibility of targeting specific layers of marketing and targeting different age groups as well.

Increase awareness among users through the comparison between products on different sites.

Types of e-marketing:

Because of the great development going through e-marketing is essential large institutions and small Projects directly it has become to use e-marketing and that’s just the Internet has become the most important marketing channels that baptized many institutions and individuals, but the Internet has become the largest market for many of the classes they’re searching for their requirements and services they want and also products and many other information.

Because the Internet is the largest open market for all it is the first tool of marketing tools in the world today were several types to include:

E-marketing through social networking sites such as marketing through advertising campaigns and pages on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter Anstjeram and LinkedIn and other social networks.

E-marketing through classified ads on free ad sites.

Use of the forums and groups to publicize your product or service or even a website.

E-marketing action videos on the famous video such as YouTube sites and site Vimeo and Dailymotion.

E-marketing through a very effective e-mail campaigns.

E-marketing campaigns using paid Google Adwords by appearing in search engines or your site appearing in Google affiliate sites through advertising images.

E-marketing through the creation of sites for the search engines is known as PAL SEO.

 E-marketing through the deployment site in directories such as Yellow Pages site or a site Blue Pages Blue Pages Directory.

E-marketing through rental banner advertising in their respective fields close to the area in which they operate site.

Marketing through the Identity Branding a building and they use it all of the above and also uses content through a blog and work to clarify the identity and the idea of ​​the company.

Types of E-marketing:

E-marketing and what it can offer to you in the development profits Consulting Studies Inc.

We always advise the client doing a website on the Internet to be a front and this of course depending on the nature of each successful project is studying on our part, and always rely on the sites email and Digital marketing of high-quality, expertise and efficiency that make you at the forefront of the results in the search engines pages level design firms such as Google if the paid advertisements or emergence through the creation of websites for search engines.

Through email marketing correctly you will get many of the target and those interested in the service or product provided by the customer, and because the number of visits is not the only factor in the success of the site, but this should be the number of targeted visitors.

The first thing that is working on it when dealing with any new customer is the study of the product or service that will be marketed and not knowing on any platform will be e-marketing, and are also the target consumer study and knowledge of the nature and interests are also studying competitors in the field and the market target after all these the study is to determine the best way in e-marketing.

And different marketing plans for each product from the others because of the nature and the different products from each other and that we deal with each site separately Depending on the scope and this is the secret of our superiority over competitors.

We must learn Dear customer that e-marketing companies we work with are working in the right way, a legitimate ways to excel in search engines, which makes us a leader among the results with staying topping for long periods it is known that any website needs an average of at least three months depending on the competition stronger.

To request marketing consulting service and the work of a feasibility study or e-marketing services for your website Connect with us on the following link: