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7 Figure Cycle – The Best Online Marketing Strategies

7 Figure Cycle – The Best Online Marketing Strategies, General Marketing .. What is it? Marketing is the art of identifying the needs and desires of customers or customers and satisfying these needs or desires through a product or service offered or sold to them and then the collection of a certain benefit or profit for the satisfaction of these needs and desires. Hence, marketing is not just the process of selling or promoting the product. It is through this definition that we conclude that successful marketing begins before the product itself begins to manufacture and includes a thorough study of the market to determine its needs and desires, then to make the right product and study the competitors … and much more. The relationship between marketing and sales is a very direct relationship. The more accurate the marketing plan, the more sales.

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What is online marketing

Before I start defining e-marketing online, I have to first explain the difference between e-marketing and Internet marketing. Many of us confuse them, thinking they are two sides of one coin, but the difference is clear.

E-marketing is a branch of marketing in general and includes marketing across all electronic devices, whether television, radio or mobile via SMS, the Internet or computer through the Internet .. So from here we conclude that e-marketing is a branch of electronic marketing .. But What is the concept when a large gathering of people that e-marketing is just internet marketing .. This of course is not true ..

There is no doubt that online e-marketing is now becoming a very powerful marketing tool that has outperformed its marketing ability on other e-marketing tools, but also on traditional marketing tools and methods.

Advantages of Internet Marketing:

The price is cheap when compared to traditional marketing or marketing methods

The ability to focus on the target segment of customers as opposed to other marketing methods

Access to detailed marketing campaign reports and analyze them to reach weaknesses and strengths

Internet Marketing Problems:

I do not think that there are problems or flaws in internet marketing without two problems:

The first – and it certainly has a solution – is the problem of poor trust between the client and the marketer .. This is because the client did not see the marketer or the owner of the business and may have been between him and the employer business or service or product country and sea .. Thus, the stage of building bridges of trust between the client The employer or marketer is the stage that takes some time and considerable effort until the problem is resolved ..

The second – and I think it is beginning to fade – is the problem of old thought or the thought of old school owners in business who think that the right marketing is done only through television, radio or brochures or other types of e-marketing and traditional marketing either Internet marketing or the Internet in the limit It is just a waste of time .. If the owners of that old and traditional thought to create a website to display their services or products, they believe that once they launch their own websites will automatically come many and many visitors Vtrahm focus and care only aspects of formality in the Site and even if they put good content on the site, they put it in a way that targeted their customers do not pray to them and do not feel even their presence on the Internet.

If you want to successfully market your product or service in the electronic environment, launching a website for you on the Internet displays 7 Figure Cycle product or service. It is not the end. If you do, you will be opening a shop in the desert to sell diving tools. This shop will not be seen by anyone. Someone saw it as God did not buy anything from him because he is offering goods that are not suitable for the situation of the customer passing through this place.

We get from this that marketing web sites is a matter of life or death for their owners .. It is a matter of “I am or not be” but let me inform you .. On the pages of this site will be exposed to the most serious and the most important way of Internet marketing methods – Websites in search engines .. But why ?? Why is this the most dangerous method of online e-marketing at all? This is what you will know in the next lesson, God willing, who answers this question: What is the science of seo .. The seo and its importance in advertising sites online ..

Now, let’s take a quick look at the issue and the issue of confusing many people, the difference between network marketing and e-marketing. I was surprised that there are many who confuse them and think they are two sides of a single coin. They also say that e-marketing is like network marketing.

The difference between network marketing and e-marketing:

In the previous lines, it is similar to conventional marketing, but it uses many means, including the Internet, to advertise a product or service. Network marketing is that a company markets its products through its customers. Instead of buying the company’s product, This customer will happen friends and relatives about this company and then any friend or relative buys a product from this company takes the client a marketing commission .. Then if that happened close or friend also work for the company and marketing them through relatives and friends, the first customer also He will take a commission for your Who buys from them .. so that the organization is in the organization of a tree or a network as it is called ..

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